Bettestal Necker kuinka mennä naimisiin postimyynti morsiamen kanssa Equestrian experience are very important into the nomadic life on the and therefore Kazakh society is based

Equestrian experience are very important into the nomadic life on the and therefore Kazakh society is based

Equestrian experience are very important into the nomadic life on the and therefore Kazakh society is based

Over thousands of years away from societal creativity, Kazakhs setup horse game so you’re able to vie and enjoy yourself and in addition to switch stamina, speed, and control if you’re driving. A number of the online game try rooted in the new success ways of new faraway earlier although some are merely to possess amusement at holidays-all of the game helps to develop a religious unity and you may caongst brand new Kazakh somebody. Kazakhs have worked in preserving these game despite development a far more inactive lives, and today, no major event is over without them.

Alaman Baiga

Alaman Baiga are recognized for as long-point race for local horse breeds. Nomadic people demands a preparedness for very long vacations, and therefore necessitated the reproduction out of good horses with unmatched survival. Alaman Baiga brings a test having in your neighborhood bred ponies along the span of 30, 50, or even a hundred kilometres out of harsh terrain. Riders will braided the newest horses’ tails and you will manes otherwise bird feathers and other decorations were utilized to safeguard the new pony of harm-not all of the new horses lasted the newest races, although not. Now, it equestrian online game has been prominent one of Kazakhs, but it’s held within the hippodromes, where a thirty kilometer racing are prepared.


Shorter-length races are called Baiga. Baiga are possibly a couple of, five, or nine kilometers round the level surface. You’ll find different departments in line with the horse’s age-for those ponies younger than simply 3 years dated, this new races is to a few kilometers; horses young than four competition as much as five kilometers; and ponies avove the age of five years battle the brand new longest length: 9 kilometers. Baiga was stored during of several getaways and you can whoever has good pony can be involved in the competition.


The newest ancient video game regarding Kokpar (and its class type, Ulak) is not just a portion of the society away from Kazakhstan and in addition others nations out-of Central China. The intention of the game is to try to elevator the brand new carcass from an excellent ram and you may deliver it to a certain section otherwise toss they with the an enormous cauldron. Cyclists show high energy, a company traction, and you will finest balance about saddle when you find yourself tilting to your surface to get the newest ram. Title “Kokpar” means throughout the Kazakh because the “Blue Wolf”. The origin of this name is associated with the pursuing the legend: when you look at the olden days, during the winter, nomads staged hunts getting wolves. Upon coming back home, the latest candidates captivated by themselves of the fighting into predator’s carcass. Over the years, it hunting society turned into a casino game, the new ylin artikkeli carcass of the wolf try replaced of the an effective sheep, and tournaments started to be kept during the significant vacations. Today, this video game is considered the formal equestrian sport inside Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan or other Central Parts of asia. The most significant Kokpar tournament are held as part of the Game out-of Nomads, constantly held when you look at the Kyrgyzstan.


Audaryspack are Kazakh wrestling with the horseback. Opponents attempt to hit the rivals off their horses via holds, keeps, etc. A historical games, Audaryspack is excellent education having warriors whilst develops not simply grappling element but grip energy regarding seat. A century in the past, this game is felt compulsory and you can was read of youth-men staged matches standing on foals, rams, and you may bulls. There were and specialists in pony alternatives who had been capable select the strongest, very agile horses.

Kyz Kuu

It enjoyable customs from Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan means “meet up with the girl”. Kyz Kuu was stored while in the getaways and you will celebrations, which have girls and you will males participating in the video game. The young individuals manage for the bright federal outfits and you may decorate their ponies, bringing a colourful let you know getting parents and visitors exactly the same. During the laws, this lady brings out on her pony. A matter of seconds later on, brand new kid rushes immediately after this lady, applying for a kiss. When the he or she is struggling to rating a kiss because of the finishing area, she’s permit to help you pursue your back to the beginning, seeking strike him having a good whip. Always, brand new pursue range in a single guidance is 400-five hundred meters.

Kume Alu

“Grab the latest money”, because name is translated away from Kazakh, try a-game where the driver have to assemble as many gold coins as possible. Brand new coins is actually wrapped in brief jewelry and outlined inside the a line. The brand new driver whom collects the most coins is victorious. This game need higher level dexterity, balance, and you may an effective traction even though the holding down seriously to scoop up the gold coins.

Tymak Uryp Zhygu

Tymak Uryp Zhygu is actually an enjoyable online game and that a person with an excellent pony takes area into the. Inside online game, a-pole away from more than just a couple of meters highest was attached to a deck. A headdress named a beneficial tymak is placed atop the pole. People glance at the tymak and are usually after that blindfolded, given a good whip, seated on their ponies, and you can spun to once or twice. The fresh rider next has about three attempts to hit the brand new tymak regarding the fresh new rod on whip. When the unable to do it, about three much more initiatives will be attained from the starting a tune otherwise merry moving. This game is actually mostly starred during the big holidays.

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