Dr.Bette Stalnecker

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The Ministry of Bette Stalnecker 

The Paschal House was built in 1966 by Laura and Farmer Paschal. Their only child, Bette Paschal Stalnecker, inherited the home in 1991. "Paschal" means "Passover" and so Bette chose to call the home "The Paschal House" based on the scripture, "When I see the blood, I will pass over you". Exodus 12:13

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The Paschal House

The Paschal House originated in Ripley, TN, when Bette inherited her parent's home. Their names were Farmer and Laura Paschal. She developed it over time as a place of minitry for groups to come for reservation meals, music and a Christian testimoney.

It began in 1992, and continued through the years. Bette Stalnecker and James Gibson married in August of 2003, and they moved to their new home at 5089 Forest Hill Irene Road in Memphis.

Three weeks after moving they were booking groups to come to the "NEW" Paschal House.   Mr. Gibson has since passed.
The ministry is the same, but with the added blessings Dr. Bette Stalnecker sings and serves with.

You will see some special pieces from Bette's past such as the Lord's Supper pitcher from First Baptist Church, Lake Charles, LA. The prayer chair in the foyer was in her family and the small table housing her dad's diaries. The Jesus pictures in the Dining Room were gifts, and the Cathedral mirrors once housed the 7th and 8th commandments. In the rose room there is an antique ladies' sewing vanity and in the hall bath is her Dad's shaving stand. Bette's maternal grandfather built the four poster bed in the Paisley room.