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The Paschal House may be reserved for a small number or groups numbering up to forty (40). The minimum number is fifteen (15) but even smaller groups may book at the same time another group is coming and so they may prepare a table just for two (providing you reserve your time along with another group). They are happy to share those dates with you when you call. Each group will have their own separate table or tables.

This is not a buffet. It is a seated meal served as well as they know how. It is suggested that you decide how your group will dress. Some prefer church clothes and others prefer to come more casually because of the travel time. Either is acceptable. YOU decide !

The three course southern style meals are by reservation only, a house tour and program are included for a suggested donation of $20.00 per person.

Meals may include a salad, entree, dessert, breads, relishes, and beverages (coffee, tea, water, and soft drinks). Dietary needs will be considered, but they must know in advance. Normally they serve the same menu but may very due to the season.

Frozen Cranberry Salad & Relish Kebob
(Served with Poppyseed Dressing)

Pork Tenderloin
Bette Boop Bean Bundles
Wild Rice with Waterchestnuts
Spiced Peach
Angelized Eggs
Roll and Cornbread

Cake Brownie
Served with Turner Vanilla Ice Cream
Topped with Whipped Cream and a Cherry


Guests are invited to tour the home at their own pace either prior to the meal or following as time allows. The suggested donation for the tour, meal, and program is twenty dollars per person. Gratuities are gratefully accepted. Each of her helpers are adequately compensated and the gratuity goes to cover the cost of maintenance and losses.

We trust you will understand that many preparations are made 48 hours prior to your visit. Waitresses and kitchen help are hired and food is purchased depending on the numbers you have reserved. If those numbers change within that time they are expected to call personally or have you call to tell us they will not be coming. After that if there are cancellations you will be expected to pay for the full number you reserved. Sometimes they are uninformed and consequently uncompensated. They are so grateful for your understanding.

It is sometimes necessary to close The Paschal House due to other engagements. Sundays, Mondays, and Wednesdays are spent at church so they do not open on those days.

The three hour stay may be scheduled according to the time most convenient for your group. You may arrive at 10:30 a.m. and have a refreshment and the program first. This would be followed by a three course meal and then some time to view the house at your leisure. The second plan would be that your group arrive at 11:30 a.m., have the meal first, and then the program. There would be a brief time between the meal and the program to view the home. The program is in the living room and several groups may gather there. The third option is that your group come in the evening. They do not set that time because some people live a long distance away and work schedules may prevent their leaving as early as others might. So you may set your own time in the late afternoon or evening allowing that you will be here for three hours.
It is necessary to know the EXACT number in your group. It is understandable that that may change at the last minute. A toll free number is provided that you may keep them informed. Even if someone does not show up just as you are departing, they still need to know that before you arrive, please.

The Paschal House is not a restaurant and they cook the food for your group according to the number you tell them. The tables are home tables and not restaurant tables that can be easily adjusted. It may not matter to you that your group be divided, but it does matter to them that they seat you together comfortably. Please be communicative about your numbers. It would be especially good to know as much in advance as possible.

Ministry products are available as you leave and donations fro them are accepted in the kitchen as you exit or you may purchase them here online by clicking on the MUSIC tab at the top of any of the pages.

Audio Tapes $5.00
CD's $10.00
Professional Platform Performance at the Pulpit $5.00
Potpourri from the Paschal House $20.00

The offering plate is near the piano in the living room and donations for the meal and gratuities are accepted there following the program.

Dr. Bette Stalnecker Gibson and James Gibson and The Paschal House are honored to have you visit and thank you for your prayers and gifts.

May God grant you travel mercies.

1-901-624-2622 Home/Fax

1-901-573-0507 Cell

Email Dr. Stalnecker for Reservations and Information