Bettestal Necker jackd visitors Lil Uzi Vert – 2 hundred My Dashboard

Lil Uzi Vert – 2 hundred My Dashboard

Lil Uzi Vert – 2 hundred My Dashboard

[Chorus: Quavo] Yeah, yeah (yeah) Yeah, yeah (yeah) Yeah, yeah (yeah) Yeah, yeah Celebrities, famous people, famous people away The fresh new trucks (skrrt), i purchase the pub today Swang doorways now (skrrt), shag into the hoes today (smash) Tats and you may golds (tats), rock the fresh suggests, uh Larger bank goes (bucks!), now she wade, uh With the class, uh (woo) Now she moist, cannot skiing (splash!) Thinkin’ ’bout postin’ this lady into the ‘Gram, and you may remove the girl (erase they!) Entire group in the field, do not perform bleachers (uh) Thinkin’ ’bout postin’ this lady into the ‘Gram, and you can erase the girl (erase they!) Entire group in this field, we don’t carry out bleachers (uh)

two hundred my personal dash I’m hoping Really don’t crash (woah) I am operating too quickly (slow down, reduce) I know why you annoyed Bring about I had the bucks I am flexin’ my bag

] (I like my personal plug) Drive-in the new Lamb for example a beneficial lotus A dozen pull up told us to slow up (skrr) Twist around from inside the having a donut (vroom) I experienced your girlfriend I will not hold up (lil uzi) I discovered she zero strong throater (ha) She suck my manhood such as an adhere (yah) We advised one to girl I’m reloaded (damn) .31 cycles all-in my personal video (yah) And you can my ammunition strike such as boulders (damn) Money thus heavy I can not fold it (can’t flex they) Can not easily fit in my pouches thus i envelope they (weapon musical) Double glass I with the potion Expensive diamonds they strike for instance the ocean (yah) Bring my personal clothing trigger it’s Gucci (huh) Extent had the goal towards the leader (fire) Swervin’ the number that’s the Rover (it is flames) We strike the take to with the floater We overloaded AP, such as for instance Rollie (woah) I had one to dough on the toaster (woah) I experienced that dough regarding the toaster (woah)

2 hundred my dashboard I hope Really don’t crash (woah) I’m riding too fast (decelerate, delay) I’m sure precisely why you annoyed Produce I experienced that money I’m flexin’ my wallet

Do not want zero sex your cunt (damn) She need new neck, you bitch (huh) You tryna become you adore me personally (hu) Just desire to take a look at, you cunt (hunh) Only like to check, your bitch (huh) Can not get the evaluate, you cunt (bye) (yuh) Sign up for one hundred are unable to provide my woman 99 of it I privileged my chick (yeah) You have your first little bit of Rafs (huh), your tryna flex and crap (yeah) I’d a great deal currency boy they become watchin’ that i needed to rest my personal drip (yeah) I had so you’re able to people my trickle (yeah) I got to rest my drip (yeah) (hey) I really don’t check out the bar My crib in which my area was (yeah) Told her dont telephone call my cell phone (yeah) Maybe not into the messaging, bitch (hello) Don’t want no messages (yuh) Thoughts isn’t getting they (yuh) Told her you cam too much (yeah) Kids woman others the mouth (yuh) Kids girl other people their lips (yuh)

Last (what) My the brand new girl yeah one to shit fulgar (unh) Had new chopper with no holster (bah) One shit might knock-on my neck (gun tunes) We initiate brand new enthusiast regarding [?

Yeah, two hundred my dash I really hope I don’t freeze (woah) I am riding too fast (reduce, delay) I understand precisely why you annoyed End in I had that money I am flexin’ my personal bag (Flex)

Migos – Stir-fry

[Verse step 1: Quavo] Dance with my animals regarding the nightly (wroof) Pitfall nigga to your chickens particularly Popeye’s (Popeye’s) Currency changin’ color particularly wrap-dye (tie-dye) I am only tryna get it, We ain’t tryna die (whoa) She got a massive ol’ onion booty, make the globe scream (cry) Regarding the kitchen area, arm twistin’ instance a stir fry (whip it) Hold them groups down (hey) Hold their people’s off (hey) Exactly who said been around? (just who?) So it one trap voice (trap) Creator outfits (clothes), styles suggests (shows) Trap house (house), produced from gold (gold) Control the new wallet now (handle they) Need not offer today (no need) Ayy, place the cover-up off (mask) We livin’ quick now (fast) Better hoes (finest), arm froze (froze) We could go (we are able to), coast-to-coast (coast)

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