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The difference between lust and romance

When you first start a relationship is always really difficult to know whether or not you are in lust or you are in love. That feeling when you are just besotted by your partner and all you do is think about them and all you do is want to be with them and all you do is keep checking your phone to see whether or not they have text you. Many people confuse this with love however sometimes it can be lust. Both emotions have very similar chemical markers within the body which is why a lot of people get confused.

As a London escort I meet many men and I am faced with this problem over and over again. When my clients hire me we can go on many dates to many different places and I have been privileged enough to be spoil and treated buy some very rich men. I have been to all of the top restaurants in London and some very exclusive clubs also to many events that only the elite can attend. These experiences have left me jaw dropped and so elated that sometimes those emotions are confused with love. One day at London escort agency at Charlotte Heathrow escorts I was booked for a 12 hour overnight stay with a very elite client. He started early and he took me shopping to get a beautiful outfit for our evening together we went to central London and shopped for hours at the most expensive clothes stores. We even went to Tiffany’s and picked out a matching earring bracelet and necklace set.  That evening he took me to a fancy restaurant that overlooked the river Thames then hired a boat for a few hours for us to, well let’s say have dessert. The night was everything that I could have dreams of.

The next time I was at work I told the other ladies at London escorts about my amazing date. I couldn’t help but tell them that I thought I was in love however they quickly informed me that it wasn’t love that I felt it was lust. At first I was confused and I’ll get back with the girls at London escorts what do they mean in lust I literally could not stop thinking about the man and the evening we had spent together as far as I was concerned that was love. Hi the girls at London escort told me that although I have all these feelings that love is something much deeper than what I’m feeling right now and right now I am in lust. Apparently according to them both feelings of love and lost trigger the same chemical reaction in my body and brain. The girls at London escorts we are happy for me and that I was happy about my amazing date and the amazing man I met however they told me just be cautious as love and last are not the same thing.

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